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Intellectual Property in Africa A Full-Service Intellectual Property Law Firm in Africa WITH OVER 15 YEARS OF LEGAL PRACTICE Intellectual Property in Africa Intellectual Property We are experts in PROVIDING ASSISTANCE TO CLIENTS FOR OVER 15 YEARS Our Services Intellectual Property in Africa quickest response We guide you through all Intellectual Property Needs Contact us now We Protect Your Copyright in OAPI, ARIPO Member States WITH OVER 15 YEARS OF LEGAL PRACTICE Our Services & DR Congo
Intellectual Property in Africa

Patents and Certificates

Intellectual Property in Africa

Trademarks & Collective Marks

Intellectual Property in Africa

Literary & Artistic Property Rights

Intellectual Property in Africa

Protection Against Unfair Competition

Intellectual Property in Africa

Numeric Creations Protection

Intellectual Property in Africa

Domain Name ``.CM`` Registration


Intellectual Property protection in the OAPI region

Our team will take care of registration, search, restoration, transfer, record, acquisition, Renewal, Litigation in the OAPI region

Intellectual Property in Africa


Visual features
Intellectual Property in Africa


Indication of origins
Intellectual Property in Africa


Integrated circuits
Intellectual Property in Africa


Protection of plants

For any business or IP matters in the OAPI region, Contact us.


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Clients Across the World

Hundreds of companies and individuals trusted us across the world with their Intellectual property needs or any other legal needs in the OAPI region and Africa.

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patents, trademarks, and other IP needs in the OAPI region and Africa

We have been entrusted with the most technically advance patent filings for several years; providing our clients with the best legal advice and IP insights.

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Legal Representation in Litigation Cases

Our lawyers will also represent you in any civil litigation cases.

Intellectual Property in Africa

Corporate and Commercial Practice

Setting up simple business structures such as companies, trusts and partnerships. providing basic advice on finance and securities and the obligations of companies and their officers, and. identifying revenue implications of commercial transactions and the need for further advice.

Intellectual Property in Africa

Real Estate

Development of land projects along with any permanent improvements attached to the land, whether natural or man-made.

Intellectual Property in Africa

Environmental Law

We offer services in regulations, statutes, local, national and international legislation, and treaties designed to protect the environment from damage and to explain the legal consequences of such damage towards governments or private entities or individuals.

Intellectual Property in Africa

Labour and Employment Law

We also specialize in litigations involving unions and collective bargaining agreements, the rights of individual employees, relationship between an employer and an individual employee (discrimination, wages, working hours, harassment, privacy rights and whistleblowing).

Intellectual Property in Africa

Investment Law

We assist clients regarding investments regulations, whether international law on foreign investment or national law.


What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Intellectual Property in Africa

Emmanuel KEDI BEH

Attorney & Founder

In my career as architect, industrial designer, entrepreneur, design consultant and educator, I have had opportunity to work with many experts in the field of intellectual property. I can safely say that there are many attorneys out there who are trained to write and file patents and trademarks. But you will quickly realize that the real value in a patent or a trademark lies in what you do with it, and this is where most IP attorney experiences break down. Mr. KEDI is an exception. Rather than simply treating a patent as an isolated object, he has worked with me, and with those I have referred to him, to understand what we hope to achieve with the patent, and provides insights on how to realize its fullest potential. In a world crowded with IP attorneys who simply execute, Mr. KEDI executes, plans and helps you strategize. He is an IP Advisor, and I'm delighted to recommend him to you.

Adesh Patel | Design Director, PATEL Collaborative

Attempting to put into words the passion, integrity, commitment and knowledge demonstrated by BALEMAKEN & ASSOCIATES SCP does not do justice to the superb work and guidance that they have shown me and my partner throughout our journey, from the patent filing process to the steep learning curve of bringing a medical device to market. Emmanuel is an unending source of support, resources and intellect coupled with a constant enthusiasm and drive to succeed. I feel honored to have him as our patent lawyer and am ever-grateful of his dedication to our goals. From the onset, Emmanuel makes your journey his own and completes every milestone, both joyous and difficult, with you. His genuine persona fosters mutual trust and respect among all stakeholders, thus driving the success of any project. I would recommend his services to any individual searching for a dedicated, resourceful and trustful patent lawyer. And I remain truly thankful that I can depend on him for all of my IP needs.

Kathy S. Johnson | Cofounder and Operations Manager, JS Medical Technologies

EVOLVE is a product development firm based in Atlanta, GA. We are fortunate to have found BALEMAKEN & ASSOCIATES SCP because they provide us with the same attention as the largest companies that they work with. They expand our knowledge about patents and our strategy on claims. Their flat-fee arrangement encourages us to contact them with questions and maintains our project budgets. These lawyers’ work ethics have proven beneficial to us in a way that I have never appreciated before. They are always reachable and respond quickly to our concerns. I would recommend BALEMAKEN & ASSOCIATES SCP for all of these reasons and more.

Robert M. Lee | Marketing Director, EVOLVE

Please note that this firm has not asked me to write this recommendation; nor have I written many at all in total. I am doing so on my own because I am so happy with them and their work. I started working with BALEMAKEN & ASSOCIATES SCP in 2010, and have been working with them consistently ever since. When you hire them to help you file your patents, you end up finding out that you've also got people who, without asking, help you develop a strategic long-term plan for your intellectual property portfolio. If you are not a large business, you also find that they provide directions you didn't know you needed to search for. They are capable of deep critical thinking in areas outside of legal, and you will be impressed with how quickly they understand the material you need to protect. These lawyers are able to provide creative insights which can serve as inspiration to your future product development. For your legal needs, you can consider BALEMAKEN & ASSOCIATES SCP one of the most important contacts you will ever need.

Arjun Ramishka | Business Owner

Emmanuel has provided expert counsel as my patent attorney for my first invention. Every single question I have, I know I can count on him to know the answer immediately and explain it to me simply and clearly. There is no doubt that he keeps my best interest in mind. Emmanuel will see that my intellectual property is protected and as profitable as it can be.

Carlos Emilio ESTEVEZ | Independent Inventor

When I decided that it was time to file my patent, I chose to consult BALEMAKEN & ASSOCIATES SCP first because their website articulated the vision of what I wanted my ideal patent attorney to be. As an outsider to the world of intellectual property, I had no other basis on which to make that decision. To my delight, they were able to assimilate the complex mechanical and anatomic details of my medical device during our initial consultation. Now a year and a half later I can further say that their drive, integrity, and passion are evident in every interaction that I have had with them.

Mohamed Nassery | Computer Engineer

BALEMAKEN & ASSOCIATES SCP is an excellent law firm which I recommend. They have a unique understanding of complex technological processes and the ability to translate that information to clients in a way they can appreciate and understand. Their experience speaks for itself, but my recommendation is most heavily influenced by their character, which is solid. They are competent, responsible and they take their work seriously.

Jenny CHANG | Lawyer

Intelligent, fair and, energetically ambitious is how I would describe BALEMAKEN & ASSOCIATES SCP. A good patent lawyer that has multi-disciplinary talent is hard to come by. Having been through bad referrals before, I decided to venture out of the inner circle of our business lawyers; I am glad we took the leap of faith and challenged the status quo. This firm is a great bet that I'll take every time.


I had the opportunity to see Emmanuel KEDI BEH speak at a seminar on Intellectual Property. I was blown away by his presentation. In one hour, he provided more information than I was able to write down. I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate Mr. KEDI’s generosity and willingness to share cutting edge secrets for Intellectual Property and business law practice. Thank you for providing us with insights on how to navigate such complex issues!

A. Nasser DAOUA | CEO, ANDAL Sarl


We offer a Broad Range of Law Services

Intellectual Property in Africa


Registrations of new Patents or improvements of existing patents ; Annuity Payments ; Watch services ; Litigations Proceedings…

Intellectual Property in Africa


Registration of recognizable signs, designs, or expressions which identifies products or services.

Intellectual Property in Africa


Protecting the visual features of an article, namely its design, shape, pattern or ornament.

Intellectual Property in Africa


Refers to both the direct rights of the author or creator, as well as to accompanying ancillary rights; protecting works of the mind.

Intellectual Property in Africa


Corporate and commercial practice ; Investment law ; Real estate; Oil, gas & energy ; Environmental law ; Labour and employment law…

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